the artwork of

cliff potenza

Musings on Life and Painting

Life has a funny way of making choice for you.  I spent many years living to work... in corporate jobs or running companies and I loved every minute of it.  A major health issue at 45 years old changed the course of my life.  Realizing how short life could be I decided to retire as soon as I could and enjoy what life I had left.  At 49 I retired and never looked back.  My wife and I traveled, bought, built and renovated houses to live in... I was never bored.  In 2003 on a challenge by my wife I started painting and became pretty good at it.  Then, at age 69 (an age I never thought I'd reach) I faced another health crisis, this one, Leukemia would not be curable with a bunch of surgery.  After 4 years of Chemo I made the decision to have a Bone Marrow Transplant and here I am today with a new lease on life and looking forward to many more years with my wife, children and grandchildren.  Oh... and I can keep painting.