about cliff

I lived in Eatons Neck, New York in the summer and now Stuart, Florida in the winter. I was born in Coney Island and grew up in Westbury, NY during the early 50's and 60's when a kid could ride a bike for miles from Westbury to the Long Island Sound only having to travel across two lane roads and polo fields.   As a Junior in High School, together with my cousins we built a sailboat, a 20' sloop, and learned to sail in Oyster Bay.  College, marriage, kids and a career in IT and Banking  got in the way, but finally, in the early 70's, I bought a sailboat and have not been without one since.

Over the past 55 years I have acquired a real love and respect for the water and a passion for sailing.  I have been able to sail the Long Island Sound,  the Atlantic, the South Pacific, the Adriatic, and after retiring in 1995, the Caribbean from Tortola to Trinidad.

I've never had any formal training but I have always been able to draw.  I never thought about painting until 2002.  My wife saw some paintings she wanted to buy at an Art Show in Palm Beach that I thought were too expensive and I blurted out "I can do that!".  The challenge was on.  I have been painting ever since.

My painting fall into two categories, "nautical" and "travel".  I paint sailboats and small, interesting  boats in still water and churning seas.  My wife and I have been lucky to have traveled across Europe, South America, New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific which has provided me with a wealth of inspiration for painting of scenes from travels around the world.  I love the culture, the architecture and the beauty that can be found in far off places and I try to put it on canvas.